How a wedding photographer can present photos to his clients

A wedding is one of the most important days in life. Lovers carefully prepare for this event so that it will be etched in memory forever.

A photographer helps realize this mission for newlyweds. His task is not only to take pictures, but also to preserve memories of the wedding for many years. Thanks to his work, the bride and groom will be able to go back in time and feel the magic of this day again.

Operators usually resort to classic methods and give couples their photos on a flash drive, sometimes creating a photo album. However, such a way is quite banal and will not evoke vivid emotions in customers. To make couples feel special and recommend you as the best specialist, you should take care of a nice bonus for them. It can be a stylish personalized picture box.

Rostyslav Kovalchuk

 An exclusive wooden photo box is an unusual alternative to traditional albums

Ukrainian wedding photographer Rostyslav Kovalchuk went a step further and found a more original solution to preserve clients' memories of their happiest moments. He presents the bride and groom with a wedding photo box with usb.

We decided to chat with him and find out how he manages to surprise newlyweds.

Rostyslav, tell me how the trends have changed? What wedding packaging is gaining popularity now?

- Competition in the wedding photography market is very high. I realized that it is necessary to develop and offer clients something new, interesting, something that others do not have. I decided to make my brand different from the rest.

Everyone is used to albums or USB boxes. And I came up with the idea of ​​combining these two methods. One day I came across a beautiful wooden photo box and thought: why not? In my opinion, this is the perfect place to store wedding photos and great wedding packaging. Especially since you can place both printed photos and a flash drive with digital photos there.

Boudoir photo box looks refined and elegant. That is why photographers are increasingly using it to present their photos.

wedding wooden photo box

Indeed, the wedding photo box is becoming more and more common. And what, in your opinion, is its advantage?

- Photo box is a synthesis of modern and traditional approach to wedding packaging. Pictures from the flash drive can be printed at any time to be framed or made into a photo book. Paper photos also have a number of advantages, because they can always be quickly taken out of the box to view with family or friends.

Another advantage: the newlyweds will never lose the wedding usb, because it will always be in one place.

In addition, the gift box has a very wide scope of application. Wedding memory box can be used as a box for jewelry and other accessories. You can store absolutely any images in it. It's also a brilliant idea for an anniversary or birthday gift.

Often, an acrylic box is used as a storage for things from the wedding. It stores invitations, greeting cards and other trinkets that are dear to the couple.

Wedding box is universal and can be used for various purposes. Moreover, it looks stylish and can become an element of the interior.

If memory boxes are becoming more and more popular, how to make them different from others?

- Of course, you need to be creative and work on the image and recognition of the brand. A personalized photo box should be interestingly designed. For example, to contain the logo of the operator and his company. The design should be impressive and original.

Another advantage of the photo box is individual engraving. Invite customers to choose an inscription that is symbolic and important to them, and they will be delighted.

usb box

Your photos are amazing. Share the secret of such extraordinary works.

- I try to capture all the details and the most sensual moments. It is important for me to convey not only the chronology of events, but also the entire range of emotions experienced by the newlyweds. Then, taking the wedding keepsake box in their hands, they will return to their happiest day every time.

It's true, each of your photos conveys the atmosphere, they have a lot of real emotions. Your portfolio is very interesting and exciting, because not every photographer will show the moment the wedding cake falls :)

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